For most of us, diets are the only thing we know to let go of the weight.

It's what we've done for years. It's what we were taught to do.

Dieting-losing-eating-regaining the weight (wait) was the story of my life.

I started dieting at age 10 and by 15 was borderline anorexic.

I gained and lost cumulatively hundreds of pounds over 25 years of dieting.

Until the day I realized I deserved something more.

That’s when I started showing up for myself.

That’s when I chose to eat, move, and live on purpose.

That’s when I easily shed 30 pounds. And kept it off.

I am here to teach you the same framework I used to lighten up for good.

No matter what you may think, you CAN let go of the weight after 40.

You can live your best life.

It’s never too late.

You just have to choose to start where you are.


Hungry for Something More?

ZulaFit offers a fresh approach to help women let go of the weight (wait) to gain new life.

We are a mind-body-soul fitness and wellness community for women who are on their way toward 40, in their 40s now, or are well beyond.

Unlike the traditional diet and fitness industry, at ZulaFit we do not believe you’re broken. And you don’t need to be “fixed.”

You are already whole.

You have the wisdom, power, and strength within to make the lasting changes you seek.

We’re here to simply help you remember.