Ep. 05: The Truth About Your Metabolism

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Your metabolism isn’t broken. Yet, by the time we arrive in our 40s and beyond, that’s the common belief.

In fact, the traditional diet and fitness industry fuel this belief by trying to sell you their latest gadget, pill, and diet. They are focused on trying to help you master, force, and control your body, all the while making food the enemy and overlooking the desires of your heart and soul.

Metabolic power = personal power. And that’s why in Episode 05, we look at the 3 types of metabolism that impact your ability to let go of the weight (wait). And it goes far beyond calories in and calories out.

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Questions for Exploration

This week in your Daily Pages, I’d like you to explore where you feel like your metabolism feels stuck. For now I’d like you to pick the one that feels the strongest resonance and moving forward this week really pay attention. Head over to your journal, your Daily Pages, and explore the following questions.

  • Do you feel stuck psychologically in feeling like there are better foods you could eat? New ways you could move?

  • Or mentally in realizing there are some really draining beliefs you have about yourself and your body?

  • Or spiritually in realizing there are ways you feel really disconnected from life, from Source/God, from others? And you’re using food to substitute?

  • What thoughts or beliefs are you noticing about this area of your metabolism? What feelings do those thoughts produce?

  • How are these beliefs/stories empowering you? Or weighing you down?

  • What’s a new, better feeling thought or story you could choose to tell yourself to feel better? And enact different choices?

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