Ep. 09: Getting Started: Exercise

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Just like with food, so many of us have an exercise story. We grow up with certain beliefs about our bodies and how free we feel to move within them.

We learn pretty quick that exercise is just the antidote for whatever diet we're on. We learn to exercise so we can reward or punish ourselves for being eaters.

But it's time to redefine what exercise means for you. Because as we move into our Queendom, it's about learning to come back home to create mindfulness.

It's about moving in the ways your body wants to move. And above all, it's about moving in the ways that bring you JOY so you want to keep doing it!

That's why Episode 09, the second podcast in our "Getting Started" series, we go beyond talking about dumbbells, quick fixes, or butt-blasting squats.

Instead, we look the 4 P's of Movement (Purpose, Presence, Power, and Play) and how you can establish a routine to move in the ways that truly work for you this year.

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