Ep. 12: Meal Planning & Food Prep

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We plan events and parties weeks and months ahead of time. Yet, on any given day we often don’t know what’s for dinner.

And the more you leave to guesswork and chance, the more likely you are to have a free-for-all by mid-week. In other words, if you don’t have a game plan you’re far more likely to end up eating based on your emotional whims and that usually means takeout, eating out, and overeating.

That’s why we want to be clear, on purpose, and intentional about our food.

This week, we go behind the scenes to look at how you to plan your meals and prep food to simplify your week.

This includes:

Weekly Menus: How to map your week ahead with the food and drink options that are realistic, healthy, and enjoyable.

Daily Planning: How to plan for your day 12-24 hours in advance to not only take out the guesswork, but to learn to disconnect from the old way of eating on a whim based on your feelings.

Food Prep: How you can use your weekly menu to map out the foods you can have prepared, chopped, and ready ahead of time to simplify the amount of time you spend cooking and eating each day.

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