Ep. 13: Learning to Love (and Like) Yourself

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So often when we’re ready to make changes, we get excited. We’re like, sign me up, I’m ready to rock!

Then not long after, we hear that voice of doubt.

Can I really take time for me? Isn't it selfish to make myself a priority?

So many of us learned that being liked and loved often meant saying ‘yes’ to others, no matter what.

In the process, we learned to base our sense of self on how happy we made other people, even if it meant ignoring our own needs.

Yet there comes a point when we realize that people pleasing, perfecting, and denying our deeper wisdom often leaves us feeling exhausted. Frustrated. Maybe even pissed off.

That’s why in Episode 13, we’re talking about how to begin navigating your way back to liking and loving yourself, from the inside out. So you can show up to life on your terms, feeling self-full.

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